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~Penpals and Swaps in Australia~
LJ [info]0_lechim looking for mutual friends. Latest in  [info]0_lechim :t. о ?! А !
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perth :)

looking for a snail mail pal.

someone with the same interests is great but someone who can ramble like i can about feelings and "stupid" stuff is better.

shout to ohsotrashy@hotmail.com
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Hi! ¡Hola! Selam! Saluti! تحيّة Cześć! Tjänare! ალღო! 你好! 今日は!     
My name is Victor and I live in western part of Russian Siberia. The region have name The Urals mountains:      


My native town is Chelyabinsk:


I loved pen-pal correspondence since writing with real pans on real paper.  Nowdays I wish get more              
friends all over the world and put their countries flags in my profile in honor of them. Please look  - I got              
already many good friends and wish you became my the best! :)              
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Im Lex
i live in sydney

i find this community really interesting
so i would like my very own penpal

i like punk, hardcore, DIY, clothes, peircings
i wannabe a hairdresser and a bartender

so uh comment me x
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Hi ya'll!  

Wondering if anyone is interested in being part of penpal train?

It starts off with pages in a blank book.
I fill in everyone's address in order, and the book travels from person to person on the list.
When you get the book you can fill up to two pages with anything you like;

A letter
A drawing
a story
a magazine article
facts about yourself
a painting...

Whatever you like really.

Then you send it onto the next station (the next person on the list).

Eventually it will get back around to you and you can see what everyone else has done.
Kinda cool eh?

Please comment if you're interested with your email address.  I'll contact you via email for your address and will update you on what is happening.

♫ Fainne.
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So fellow members, who's still in touch with their penpals that they started writing to all those months ago?

The community has been pretty quiet lately, I'm wondering who's still around and writing, is there anybody who's still looking for a penpal or wanting somebody else to write to.
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my name is lauren i'm 16 a bit ofa  punk and looking for someone to write too and swap with :)
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My name is Lauren (ms-artemisia) I'm a 19 year old female from Adelaide in South Australia. I am originally from New South Wales, and still consider that to be my hometown. I am currently unemployed, but am actively looking for work, I've previously worked at Woolworths Limited Supermarkets, in door to door marketing, a discount variety store and a potato factory. I am hoping to study psychology in the next couple of years at University. My interests are: psychology, philosophy, reading, writing, and dancing. I've performed both as a Border Morris Dancer (in Hot For Joe - Morris With Attitude) and as a Drag Performer (at the Edinburgh Hotel) - I enjoy these activities very much. I aspire to be a writer, I studied Professional Writing for one year at TAFE and found that I'd rather pursue it on my own. I wrote my first book in year twelve.

So if you think I sound interesting and would like to write to me, or for me to write to you. Please comment with your email address and I will email you to get further details (ie - postal address)...

Hope you are all well.

Current Location: Home
Current Mood: awake
Current Music: Eagle Eye Cherry: Save Tonight

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Send me something random on the back of a postcard. (or even on the back of a photo). Anything.

 A Doodle, a bad dream, something you saw on the back of a bus, your worst fear, a secret, a list of food you hate, something funny you overheard, a quote, a poem, your life's motto, your fav word, a sticker, the best/worst day of your life, your first memory. Anything you feel like. Be as spontanous and free as you like.

I will respond in kind with something random to everyone. And then if you wish, you can send another one back. I will continue to reply for every postcard I get.

If you would like to send me something random (please do!) just leave a comment with your email and I will send you my details with the subject heading: Random Postcard Swap

My name is Karen by the way :-) and I'm 22. Thats all I'm going to say because I will be posting a full profile for penpals later. I thought this would be a fun thing to do. *grin*

Current Mood: excited excited

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Hi everyone.

I'm Vanessa, a 21 year old full time arts student (yeah, I've heard all the jokes before) in Brisbane, majoring in Anthropology (put simply, it's the study of culture & humans).

Some things about me:

I live with my boyfriend, I'm scared of going to hairdressers, I really want to live in a house instead of flat so I can get a dog again, and I love travelling (in fact I have a 20,000 word plus travel journal from 2 years ago). I like writing, I have Harry Potter fan fics on the internet in a few places, but I don't publicly post anything original, not that I've felt inspired to write anything for a long time.

I love learning about other people - I'm in a weird stage in my life where I don't really know what I'm interested in to do with my life, nor with hobbies/socialising/religion, so I'm pretty open with what I'd talk to you about. Having said that, I am 100% against drugs & smoking, and I very rarely have a drink. I wouldn't really be interested if you wanted to talk about who shagged who while drunk on Friday/Saturday night.

So comment or email (nessva@gmail.com) if you want...
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